15 Thoughtful Wellness Gift Ideas Under $25 For Any Occasion

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Looking for the perfect gift for the wellness queen (or king!) in your life? Or maybe you want to give a more thoughtful gift for someone who needs a little self-care and wellness, who doesn’t need that this year? Here are 15 wellness gift ideas under $25! Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and I may receive a commission if you purchase through them.  

We all know how hard it is finding the right wellness gift. Whether it’s for a birthday, Mother’s Day, anniversary or even the holiday season, you want your gift to be meaningful and well thought out. 

Having worked in the wellness industry for over 5 years, I have been asked quite often what are the best self-care or wellness gifts to give, especially during the holiday season.

It seems that most people have a difficult time finding gifts that are both supporting overall health and exciting to receive. 

Gift giving has always had this materialist feel to it. It never really sat well to me to buy someone something that had no real use or value. It also felt weird to receive gifts that weren’t something I’d normally use.

Don’t get me wrong, I accept all things gifted to me with gratitude and appreciation. However, it was always weird to have this thing laying around that I’d never use. 

Which is why wellness gifts are such a great idea.

They serve a purpose. 

And maybe that’s the aspiring minimalist in me speaking. But when you give someone a gift that has their health in mind, it shows you care. It shows that you are thinking about their well-being, which makes it a meaningful gift. 

When that gift is something they will use regularly, they will think of you each time and the appreciation will be long lasting. 

The gifts listed below are all under $25! So they work great for secret Santa, if you’re on a tight budget or if you just want to send someone a “thinking of you” gift.

If you are gifting for a more special occasion you can grab a few of the ideas listed below and make your own gift basket for the ultimate self-care package!

This list contains highly rated items that are trending. But also some items you might not have even considered someone would need. 

So if you aren’t sure where to start and what is in high demand these days, I got you!

15 Thoughtful Wellness Gifts For Any Occasion 

#1 Woolzies 100% Pure Wellness Essential Oil Blend Set

Essential oils are the perfect gift for any occasion. They are a multipurpose wellness item that anyone could use. 

They can be used for aromatherapy either inhaling or diffusing them, used for cleaning, and even topically when diluted properly.

This set on amazon is the wellness collection and comes with three blends designed to boost immunity and improve health.

They offer other sets like one for sleep that has amazing reviews and even one specifically designed for teachers. 

However the wellness one is the perfect gift , especially for this time of the year when colds and flu are more common. 

These oils are 100% pure and therapeutic grade, meaning they are high quality and potent.

A little goes a long way with these oils so they will be sure to last a while. 

This is the perfect wellness gift for someone who:

#2 FEIYOLD Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Yes! Blue light glasses make an amazing and thoughtful gift for pretty much anyone!

Though most of our exposure to blue light is from the sun and relatively harmless, it’s when we are exposed to blue lights after the sun sets when it can begin to cause problems.

Blue light also emits from our device screens. And since we are all glued to a phone, tv or computer for long periods of time during the evening, it’s safe to say we are getting non stop exposure to blue light. 

Night time blue light exposure has been linked to eye strain, headaches, difficulty sleeping and blurry vision. 

These glasses help block blue light allowing you to have your nightly screen time without the negative effects.

This 2020 study found that those who wore blue light blocking glasses during the time before bed, had a better night’s sleep. 

This is the perfect wellness gift for someone who:

  • works on a computer all day
  • has trouble falling asleep at night
  • plays lots of video games 
  • gets headaches when they’re on a computer too long
  • writes on a computer for long hours 
  • uses their phone to wind down before bed
  • studies long hours 

This set comes with two pairs so that you can switch up the look. And the reviews are filled with a ton of happy headache free people raving about them.

#3 Essential Oil Shower Steamer Set – 15 Mint and Eucalyptus

These shower steamers are a game changer! 

They’re like a bath bomb for busy people.

I love that they come individually wrapped so you can either gift the whole bag or just a few in a DIY gift basket (or stocking stuffer). 

This pack is eucalyptus and mint scented. Made with UK imported high quality essential oils. 

Eucalyptus is the best essential oil for any sinus issues and helps fight infection while mint is great for riding headaches and reduces stress. This combination promotes ultimate relaxation.

This is the perfect wellness gift for someone who:

  • doesn’t have a bath tub or the time to soak in a tub.
  • has allergies or sinus issues
  • needs stress relief
  • is fighting a cold, flu or any illness really

They also have an energizing blend with citrus scents that are invigorating.

#4 Mindfulness Therapy Games: Social Skills Game That Teaches Mindfulness

Card games make the perfect gift as they can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

This game is a little different. 

Made by teachers and used by therapists, this card game teaches mindfulness. I talk more about mindfulness in this blog post.

And it’s not just for kids, but for teens and adults as well.

This game covers meditation, breathwork, social/coping skills and is proven to help with stress and anxiety. 

It’s fun and engaging by creating challenges and connection. 

The only issue that I can find is that the game has winners and losers. Which seems odd for something like mindfulness.

However this is meant to be a game for all ages and like most games kids and teens play they involve competition, which I think is the main motivator in getting the younger ones interested.

This is the perfect wellness gift for someone:

  • who lives with a group of people they can play with
  • struggling with trauma (basically everyone in 2020)
  • new to mindfulness
  • age 8 and up
  • who is a teacher, counselor or therapist
  • is apart of a family who has ALL the board games

#5 The Lucid Habits Ritual: A 90 Day Guided Journal To Help Ritualize Daily WellnessDay

Journaling has made a comeback and this journal is the perfect place to start.
This journal was made by yours truly! It comes with daily trackers and journal prompts so you don’t have to put much thought to what you’re writing. 

There are countless studies showing the importance of daily journaling and gratitude.

Some benefits of journaling and expressing gratitude are:

  • being more positive 
  • acting with more generosity
  • expressing more compassion 
  • living a more joyful life

This is the perfect wellness gift for someone:

  • too buy to keep a regular journal 
  • new to journaling
  • starting their spiritual journey
  • who wants to form new habits 

I promise you will absolutely love this journal! I’ve spent months perfecting it and have more coming soon!

#6 Hair Shampoo Brush, Heeta Scalp Care Brush with Soft Silicone Head Massager

This is a simple yet life changing little thing. Under $10, it would make the perfect stocking stuffer that ANYONE could use.

It’s a shampoo brush/ scalp massager. 

The first time I used one of those I was completely shocked by how effective it was. 

Having thick long hair, I spend a good amount of time washing my hair and this tool helps me out SO much. Less strain on my fingers and honestly way more effective, leaving my scalp feeling fresh.

Not only will this tool leave your scalp squeaky clean, it also promotes hair growth by stimulating blood flow to the scalp.

It fits perfectly in your hands and small enough to travel with.

This is the perfect wellness gift for someone who:

  • has thick hair
  • has long nails they want to protect
  • suffers from psoriasis or dandruff 
  • struggles with nerves issues affecting hand movement 

Go check out the reviews to see what everyone’s raving about!

#7 Electric Toothbrush, Fairywill D3 Sonic Toothbrush Rechargeable

I know, I know. An electric toothbrush? Thats boring.

But just hear me out. 

Oral health is SO underlooked these days. And it’s deeper than white teeth and fresh breath.

Our oral microbiome plays such a huge role in overall health.

This toothbrush is powerful and effective.

One four hour charge lasts 30 days, making it perfect for travel. But also this toothbrush comes with a reminder to change out the brush head, because let’s be real, how often do you remember to change out your toothbrush? 

When the blue bristles turn white, it means it’s time to change out the heads. 

It even comes with a 30 second timer to remind you to move to the next area.

While oral health may seem like someone fun and exciting, it really should be as it affects our gut microbiome which then affects our overall health.

This is the perfect wellness gift for someone who:

  • is passionate about overall health
  • someone who forgets to change out their tooth brush
  • is working on their gut health 
  • is into the latest new tech
  • has braces and needs extra oral care
  • needs extra motivation to brush 2 x a day

#8 REARAND Neck and Shoulder Relaxer Neck Pain Relief and Neck Support Shoulder Relaxer Massage Traction Pillow

This is not an ordinary pillow. Actually I’m not really sure why they’d label this as a pillow. 

This is magic.

If you’ve ever gotten a massage or chiropractic adjustment, you’ll know the feeling of neck traction. It’s when they hold your head and pull. 

You feel this sudden sense of relief.

All your tension is gone and you want them to never let go.

Well this is what this pillow does. 

Just 5-15 minutes and you feel such a huge release in any upper back and neck tension.

This is the perfect wellness gift for someone who:

  • suffers from chronic neck pain
  • has a high stress life
  • see’s a chiropractor regularly (this would make an awesome at home maintenance tool)
  • works a desk job

Take a peek at the reviews to see how many happy people there are because of this pillow.

#9 M MOOHAM Lava Rock Chakra Bracelet – 8mm Natural Stone Chakra Bead Volcanic Bracelet

Jewelry is always a great gift to give. This bracelet is like a 3 in one gift.

It has 7 natural healing crystals along with volcanic rock. 

The 7 stones are aimed to assist in balancing the 7 chakras. Each stone has its own properties.

The volcanic rock is actually highly absorbent which makes it the perfect diffuser. 

Yes. A diffuser. You just add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the volcanic beads and the scent will last all day. 

Perfect to use as a perfume or aromatherapy. 

This is the perfect wellness gift for someone who:

  • loves essential oils
  • loves all things crystals and chakras
  • wears jewelry 
  • is LGBTQ+ (chakra stones = pride colors)
  • has anxiety and finds aromatherapy helpful
  • loves to smell good

#10 Original Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set – Jade Roller for Face – Face Roller: 100% Natural Rose Quartz

This is probably my most suggested item ever. 

Not just because it’s genuine rose quartz. But because this is actually one of my favorite massage tools.

This is a 2 in one set. 

It comes with a face roller but the real gift is the Gua Sha tool. 

You can use it anywhere on your body to get the effect of massage. 

I write a little more about gua sha and massage benefits in this post.

Jade rollers have been a huge focus these last few years as people have finally started prioritizing self-care. 

Though marketed for reducing wrinkles and puffiness, the relaxation effects are the real reason I suggest it. 

And while this might seem like it’s a gift just for women, remember men have faces too. 

This is the perfect wellness gift for someone who:

  • has a face
  • passionate about skincare 
  • loves crystals 
  • gets facials and or massages regularly 
  • struggles with puffy face/under eye

#11 Happy Wraps Microwavable Herbal Neck Wrap

Nothing says I care about you like a warm hug. 

And that’s exactly what this is. This herbal neck wrap is filled with 100% natural, high quality herbs that when heated release their fragrance and properties. 

Just pop in the microwave and place around your neck and its instant relaxation. 

Happy wraps provide relief for neck pain, headaches, stress and more. 

You can even put it in the freezer for cryotherapy effects. 

It also comes with a free sleep mask!

This is the perfect wellness gift for someone who:

  • has a high stress life
  • suffers from neck pain
  • trouble falling asleep 
  • prone to migraines or tension headaches

The reviews are filled with many people sharing their stories about how this neck wrap has helped them.

#12 Dancing Bear Healing Crystals Chakra Balance Kit (16 Pc Starter Set)

This one is a little more out there for some. 

But as someone who’s worked with crystals since I was a teenager I will tell you, these guys are powerful.

While I believe it’s best to purchase crystals in person, this set is actually worth getting shipped.

Also most crystal shops are closed due to social distancing, so if you’re already planning on getting someone a set this is the perfect starter kit. 

This set comes with 7 polished chakra stones, 7 rough stones, a palo santo stick, a selenite wand, a small draw-string bag and a crystal chakra chart and guide. 

What I like best about this set is that it comes with selenite. 

Selenite is a powerful cleansing stone that is commonly used to clear rooms and other crystals. So if you have any crystals, selenite is a must to keep their energies cleansed.

The chart/ guide provides more than enough information for beginners. 

This is the perfect wellness gift for someone who:

  • is starting their spiritual/ holistic journey 
  • already has a few crystals but not a chakra set
  • is a reiki practitioner, as you can never have enough sets ready to go for sessions

This is definitely one worth checking the reviews for. Such amazing feedback.

#13 Himalayan Glow Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Aside from aesthetics, there are many reasons a salt lamp is a must in every room.

These lamps produce negative ions which have positive effects on the quality of air.

Salt Lamps can balance electromagnetic radiation that are constantly emitting from common household appliances and devices. 

These lamps also have a hypnotic relaxation effect. Just looking at these lamps brings on relaxation. 

This is the perfect wellness gift for someone who:

  • has asthma or allergies
  • needs relaxation 
  • works at a desk often (this would make a perfect desk lamp)
  • is conscious of their EMF exposure 

This lamp is highly rated on amazon. It has over 20,000 positive reviews. Check them out yourself to see what everyone’s raving about. 

#14 ProsourceFit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

If I had to pick one thing from this list for myself, it would be this acupressure mat.

I do not own this but have been researching it for the last couple of years and never pushed myself to purchase it. 

This acupressure mat is amazing for pain reduction, relaxation and circulation. 

It works the way acupressure/acupuncture does, by targeting pressure points. This mat stimulates 8,000 pressure points. 

This is an affordable way to get the benefits of massage or acupressure at home. 

Releasing toxins, muscle tension and recovery are just a few more benefits you can experience with this mat.

Just lay on it for 10-30 minutes to feel the effects. 

This is the perfect wellness gift for someone who:

  • spends lots of money on massage and acupressure 
  • has insomnia 
  • suffers from fibromyalgia 
  • enjoys laying on a bed of nails

These reviews are quite entertaining but none the less prove why you need one of these, whether to give away or have at home for yourself. 

#15 Mandala Coloring Book For Adults With Thick Artist Quality Paper

Mandalas are known for their therapeutic effect. 

They can reduce stress pretty much the same way meditation does. In fact I like to think of drawing/ coloring mandalas as a form of meditation. 

This 2005 study showed that coloring produced a meditative state that could benefit those struggling with anxiety.

So this gift is more than just a coloring book. It’s the wellness gift of mediation. 

This is the perfect wellness gift for someone who:

  • has tried meditation but couldn’t sit still
  • has anxiety 
  • loves art 
  • could use a new creative activity 

brown gift box with black ribbon wellness gift ideas
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Gift giving should never be stressful, but always thoughtful. I hope this list gave you some ideas of how to give more mindfully with your loved ones well being in mind. Remember, gifts don’t need to be flashy or expensive, they just need to have a purpose and come from the heart.

Also, there doesn’t need to be any special occasion to give the gift of wellness. It’s the perfect way to show you care and are thinking of someone. 

You can even decide you want to get yourself a gift 😉

Did you think of anyone in particular when scrolling through the list? Or do you have any other wellness gifts under $25 that you think needs to be added? Comment below.

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