5 Gentle Ways To Be Productive

How To Push Through| 5 Gentle Ways To Beat Stagnancy During Hard Times

Like the rest of the world, I had riveting plans for the new decade.

I launched my blog, published two entries and wrote out two pending posts. I began to take online classes that would lead to a future product.

I dove deep into some pretty heavy emotion based energy work. I even had plans to begin writing my first book. 

Looking back at it all now, it seems like I had planned more than I could handle regardless of the surprising turn this year took.

Needless to say, 2020 had different plans for me.  And more than just the seemingly never ending world events that were affecting each and every one of us.

 2020 gave me a taste of my own antidote. 

Ah, I see you’re taking on the role of educating others on the importance of holistic health. Why don’t we see exactly how much of a handle you actually have on this whole thing” – 2020

It was a test. And little did i know, one of the most important tests in my entire life.

2020 was a 9 year for me. If you know a little about numerology you’ll understand that this was a year of completion, the end of a cycle, tying up loose ends. A year where I am FORCED to let go, or drown.

For the last 9 months I have faced a series of major imbalances in my life. 

*For the sake of keeping my privacy, I will keep out the details.

2020 challenged my ability to be whole. It made me question my mind, body and soul. At times I struggled to trust my body’s ability to do what it needed to heal.

It even became difficult for me to connect to my higher self and successfully meditate, a phenomenon I’ve never come across.

With meditation being my go to form of coping for the last 10 years, being unable to disconnect and go inward added to it all. 

Things that worked before didn’t. 

People who were around before, weren’t.

Although I had my partner by my side supporting me in all ways possible, I still felt entirely alone. 

I’d try to channel it all into writing a new blog post, but it felt “wrong” to continue my saved drafts that ironically enough were in the topics of holistic health, while I was going through a healing crisis.

Gentle ways to be productive

Now enough of blaming 2020 on my problems. 

As the months went on I found myself faced with the same problems over and over again. I eventually realized that this wasn’t about what was happening to me, this is about how I’m responding.  

When you’re in the moment and are constantly on guard, it’s hard to see how your reactions play a role. I was missing the point. Over and over. 

But then sometime in the month of May, during a very powerful Scorpio full moon, it hit me.

This was about initiation—It was I who decided to take on the position of being a teacher, a healer in the topic of holistic health and I needed to earn that role.

In order to be a master one must know the hurdles that come up and how to push through gracefully.

However I was too busy questioning every moment.
I was in a darkness of sorts feeling very much buried in the ground with no idea that I was actually being planted…

and would soon b l o o m.

In the past it was in my darkest moments where I was able to see the light. Where I was facing myself head on and beginning to shed who I was. However, since the challenges were new and I couldn’t let go of attempting to be in control, I couldn’t see what was trying to be exposed. I allowed myself to believe that the darkness was the enemy…when it was really just me.

While I still have 3 more months for this year to be over, and many more years of healing, I can happily say that I am not who I was last year or even last month. And it’s safe to say that I will not be the same person tomorrow.

Because as I’ve always known, true healing never really ends. 

Today, I am still facing some of those challenges. It’s not quite over for me. However I am at a point mentally where I can share my journey with my head up and my heart open. I can share that I applied my holistic practices and eventually addressed all issues gently and patiently. I pushed through every way I could. I applied all my tools and knowledge. I gave it my all. And there was major progress.

If I had to pick one lesson this year it would be that stagnancy equates to death but so does over productivity.

Movement was what led me to this very moment. Had I remained stagnant and defeated, I truly believe the outcome would have been different.

But in another perspective death doesn’t have to mean the ending of life. In regards to stagnancy death can be defined as staying exactly where you are. 

So to everyone finding the heaviness of this year too much to bear. Whether you’re dealing with an illness or any limitations in any way. Or maybe you’re grasping at your calendar filling it with tasks for a sense of normalcy (avoidance), here are

5 Gentle Ways You Can Be Productive:

  • Celebrate minor victories 
  • Be flexible with your daily goals
  • Surround Yourself With Motivated People/Content
  • Forgive yourself for minor set backs
  • Try again tomorrow

Celebrate Minor Victories 

Celebrate-Gentle ways to be productive

One thing that helped me push through was celebrating the smallest accomplishments. Something as simple as waking up in the morning with a smile and even some applause.

I’d thank my body for all the work it did while asleep. I praised sunshine and even the rain for watering my garden for me.

Celebrating minor victories allowed me to feel a sense of gratitude for the many little things that always get done but are under appreciated.

Here are some little things you can celebrate:

  • eating dinner before 8pm
  • finishing a chapter in a book
  • keeping your houseplants alive
  • learning something new
  • a good hair day 
  • sleeping in

Be Flexible With Your Daily Goals

During these last few months I had to learn to go easy on myself with my to do list. I stopped setting deadlines and time restrictions on my calendar and would switch up my goals weekly to not feel pressured. 

One day my to do list would consist of organizing my dresser, decluttering the laundry room and 15 minutes of exercise but most days it was filled with things like drinking 60oz of water, taking my supplements, making my bed, eating 3 meals.

I tried to keep things simple to not overwhelm myself and would allow myself at least a month to get more challenging things done. 

Surround Yourself With Motivating Content/People

This is something I’ve always followed as “your tribe affects your vibe”. I made sure to unfollow or keep away content that was limiting. Though it has been tough to get away from the much needed exposure of the darkness in the world. I took in the information I needed while also limiting myself from the amount of stressful information to protect my mental health. 

I found myself on YouTube listening to people speak about battling illness, depression and other dark moments in life.

I even went back to visit an old blog of mine where I documented a lot of my previous life struggles. Seeing my own progression was motivating. I pushed through darker times before, so I can do it again. 

Another thing I suggest is joining a Facebook group. Fortunate to me, I was able to find a group with thousands of people who were experiencing EXACTLY what I was dealing with. We shared helpful information and positive stories. 

It really made a huge difference in my outlook of my situation.

Forgive Yourself For Minor Set Backs

Gentle ways to be productive

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult, maybe even awkward to practice self forgiveness. It’s not something that’s generally taught as we grow up. Being hard on ourselves usually stems from others being hard on us and it’s the same with self forgiveness.

It might be easier for someone who’s been supported and encouraged throughout their life. 

How we speak to ourselves has a huge impact in not only our performance, but in our ability to overcome setbacks. You’d be surprised how a simple apology said out loud really makes a difference. 

One of the struggles I faced this year was a continuous set back in my health. I would reach a point of feeling like I conquered the problem, to only fall right back to where I was in the beginning. This ebb and flow really affected my mental health and made me feel hopeless at times. I’d become a bit harsh on myself and wonder what I was doing wrong.

These set backs in my health led to set backs in my daily life. Weeks would go by without a single box checked off from my to do list.

But I learned that during those setbacks were when I needed to be the most gentle with myself. 

After a few months of feeling like i was failing myself I began to forgive myself and focused on incorporating new solutions and removing possible issues.

I’d speak it out loud to myself. “Girl, I’m sorry for being frustrated with you, I know you’re only doing your best”

I forgave myself for trying to rush a process that needed time to play out and silenced the inner critic. 

Try Again Tomorrow

Gentle ways to b productive

When you feel like your day wasn’t filled with accomplishments or productivity just remind yourself that you can start fresh the next day. A new day is a new opportunity to heal.

I’d end my days telling myself “I did my best today”. I’d closed my eyes, take deep breaths and would visualize myself doing the things I had wished to accomplish the next day. I’d start the visualization with the image of me waking from bed in the morning feeling refreshed, I’d fix my bed, make coffee or tea, and then do a specific task.

One thing I really needed to do was organize my laundry room. So I’d fall asleep thinking about myself in the room, folding clothes, putting up shelves and sorting boxes. That next day I completely forgot about the visualization, however I found myself tackling the laundry room. It wasn’t until I checked the box that I realized that the visualization worked.

You’ll be surprised by how affective this visualization technique is. 

And if you don’t want the pressure of trying again, don’t. 

Go to sleep with no plans for the next day and just start the day again with celebrating the small things.

If you find yourself at the point where you can easier get thing done, read my post 7 Habits You Can Start TODAY To Begin Living That Holistic Life. In that post I lay out some more habits that further assist productivity while also aiming for a more whole life.

If I had one piece of advice to share to everyone for 2020 and beyond, it would be to be gentle with yourself. We have all just experienced a collective trauma of sorts. From a pandemic, quarantines, racism, police brutality, political tension, children in cages, children being trafficked and so much more. All of this is a huge mental and emotional load for anyone to process and not to mention whatever personal challenges each one of us faces daily.

Our society is in need of a major detox. This 9-5, hustle and bustle, work yourself to death life does not have our best interest in mind. It’s only perpetuating the chronic stress that this world has seemed to have normalized. 

In the meantime, focus on being gentle with yourself. Get rid of the productivity  mindset, most of it is just avoidance anyway. Take time to process what’s happening…and remember, wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.

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