How To Raise Your Vibration | 5 Toxic Habits That Keep Your Vibes Low

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You hear it all the time. Good vibes, bad vibes, high vibes, low vibes but what does it really mean and how can you raise your vibration? 

More than ever people are starting to notice that humans can sense energy from people, places and even things.
This collective awareness is pretty astounding.

Because when we focus on what we emit it means we focus on how we are feeling.

And also our intuition.

All humans are intuitive. Unfortunately somewhere along the way we were told our intuition wasn’t real or we were somehow influenced to stray away.

We can thank modern parenting and schooling for that.

Think of those times when you were a child. When you felt afraid of something, though seemingly irrational, your intuition was telling you that thing wasn’t safe. 

Whether that danger was real or not, it was your intuition warning you. Possibly from something that would have been dangerous many many lives ago. 

This article from BBC explains how trauma/fears can be passed down through generations.

This understanding explains some “irrational” phobias you might have.

So when you had that seemingly irrational fear, your parents, like most parents, responded in a way that made you question that feeling. 

“That is not real” “You have nothing to be afraid of” etc. 

That’s how we begin to forget about our intuition and use it less and less until it’s basically nonexistent.

Some of us still have a strong connection to our intuition, maybe you had parents who were more supportive of your irrational fears and imagination.

Or maybe an experience along the way showed you that your intuition was real and reliable.

Either way, it’s becoming much more common for people to follow their intuition and doing so is what allows us to sense energy.

However, whether one can confidently sense energies or not, it’s important to still keep your body’s vibrational frequencies on the higher end as it can tell us more about ourselves.

What Are Vibrations?

Chart measuring frequencies

As you might already know, everything is made of energy. Which means everyone has a vibrational frequency. 

Each organ, each cell in our body vibrates at its own frequency.

Vibrations are just the energy of the frequency that emits from our bodies. It’s our emotional state or atmosphere.

All living things emit a specific energetic vibrational frequency that can actually be measured. People, animals, food, plants, crystals etc.

The human body vibrates anywhere from 62Hz-70Hz.

And this can change whether we are resting, in movement, feeling certain emotions, eating certain things or even around certain people.

Essentially, what we interact with has a direct impact on our own energetic vibrations and the key to maintaining optimal energy is to raise your vibration . 

Emotion & Energetic Frequency

Woman with curly hair laughing with rainbow in the background - raise your vibration

When you look at the word (e)motion you can see the root word “motion” and the letter E represents energy.

Emotion= energy in motion.

The movement is the vibrations creating the frequency.

Understanding that our emotions are vibrations allows us to change them by interacting with more higher vibrational frequencies. 

Each emotion vibrates at its own frequency.

Emotional Vibration Frequency
Enlightenment 700+
Acceptance 350
Willingness 310
Neutrality 250
Courage 200
Enlightenment – Courage = Expanded
Pride – Shame =Contracted

Happier, more positive emotions vibrate at around 200 – 1000Hz. While the more negative emotions range from 175-20Hz.

Think of the time when you were feeling down. You might have decided to put on a comedy to lighten your mood. This is a perfect example of how emotional frequencies can change via interaction.

Or think of when you are around a frustrated couple who is arguing. Just being around them makes you feel uncomfortable and as if you are involved. And that’s because you are.

Energy can be felt from far away.

Depending on how often you use your intuition or work on sensing energy, you might even be able to sense energy from a photo. 

Being in close proximity to low vibrational situations can easily be felt and affect your own energetic space. 

“As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate,you attract” – Abraham Hicks

Along with how we feel, what we think also plays a huge role in our energetic frequency.

The same way feeling negative emotions change our vibes, so does thinking negatively. 

And this is due to The Law Of Attraction, a philosophical way of thinking that believes we attract what we emit.

Which is based on the same idea that we can pick up on energies around us.

Thankfully there are ways you can avoid picking up on negative vibrations around you.

One is to maintain a high vibrational frequency yourself.

What Happens When You Raise Your Vibration?

Volume knob being turned up raise your vibration

Raising your vibrational frequency creates somewhat of an energetic boundary that makes low vibrations less likely to affect you. 

This can be seen as not allowing negative people or situations to lower your vibrational frequencies.

However, more importantly it can mean avoiding illness, and other “negative” or unfortunate situations.

In Robert O. Becker’s book, “The Body Electric”, he explains how our bodies have an electrical frequency, and how it can determine one’s health. 

He goes on to mention that when our frequencies drop below 62Hz, is when our immune system begins to weaken. 

The same way emotions have frequencies so do diseases. 

Colds and flus begin at 57-60Hz, Candida at 55Hz, Cancer at 42hz and death is said to start at 25hz.

Understanding the human body in terms of vibrational frequency gives us a new lens to view our health from. 

It brings awareness to how the things we view as simple interaction, or common emotions, can bring us closer to disease.

Along with keeping your body within the frequency of health, raising your vibration can also mean attracting more positive life experiences.

Because as mentioned above the same way the energy around you affects your vibration, your vibrations can affect the energies around you. 

Meaning if we are vibrating at high frequencies at all times, we attract more positive, high vibrational experiences.

This makes manifesting/attaining goals and desires, much easier as we are vibrating at a frequency that aligns. 

What Happens When Your Vibrational Frequency Is Low?

Girl with hands on her face looking moody raise your vibration

When you are in constant interaction with things that lower your vibration, you can find yourself depleted and feeling down often.

Having a low vibration will lead to illness as mentioned above and even attract drama to your life. 

The best way to understand what happens when your vibrations are low, is to know the symptoms. 

Below I will list a few common things that you might experience that could indicate low vibrations.

Symptoms Of Lower Vibration

  • You have zero energy, always tired no matter how much sleep you get.
  • Always being sick, or in some kind of pain.
  • Experiencing a lot of nightmares, especially ones with dark figures or entities.
  • You are always moody or wake up in a bad mood often.
  • Letting go of bad habits is very difficult for you.
  • You find yourself bitter, resentful, or jealous towards other people when they succeed.
  • You don’t have any goals or fail to work towards them.
  • Most of the relationships in you life are not on good terms/ most of your relationships with others become tense or toxic.
  • Low vibrational emotions are more common than high vibrational ones.
  • You are accident prone.
  • The environment you’re in is always messy and cluttered.
  • You attract a lot of negative stares or interactions in public.

That was just a few signs of a low vibration.

Here’s a list of a few things you could be doing that is making it challenging to raise your vibration. 

5 Toxic Habits That Are Keeping Your Vibes Low

1. Consuming Low Vibrational Foods

Women eating mcdonalds fries a low Vibrational food

You are what you eat! No, really. As you now understand energy somewhat mimics what it’s around. 

So having a diet mostly containing toxin filled, processed foods, you’re most likely holding back your body’s ability to vibe high.

Just like emotions, different foods vibrate at their own frequencies.

Fresh Food/Herbs: 20-27Hz
Dried Food/Herbs: 15-22Hz
Processed & Canned Foods: 0Hz

The common American diet consists of mostly canned and processed foods which we already know is not beneficial for optimal health.

So if you eat fast food, canned food or meat containing hormones you might want to balance it out with more fresh unprocessed foods.

Another thing to consider is the quality of foods, not all meat and dairy are made equally. 

Meat and dairy that contains hormones and is inhumanely raised is lower in vibration than meat that is grass fed, hormone free and lived a happy life. 

2. Watching Low Vibrational Movies/Shows

Couple sitting in their living room watching ing Netflix. Raise your vibration.

What you consume has a direct effect on your subconscious.

It’s why some people have nightmares after a movie. Others don’t have nightmares but it does not mean they are not affected. 

This one was clear to me when I completely stopped watching horror movies. I used to love them. The gore, the suspense, the thrill.

Then I began to heal myself and along my spiritual journey I decided to only consume content that educated me in some way.

Years passed and I decided to watch a horror movie and I vividly remember the feeling on my energetic field, it was murky

I had terrible dreams, my mood was low for days. 

This was because It had been so long since I interacted with low vibrational content. 

Today I am able to watch some lower vibrational content and do a high vibrational activity afterwards to balance it out.

Examples Of Low Vibrational Content:

  • Reality TV
  • Horror Movies/ Shows
  • War / Fighting / Violence
  • Pornography 
  • Spending long hours on any device

It’s not just the content in the movies and shows we watch that have an impact, it’s also what we see on social media. Which is why it is important to take breaks from all devices from time to time and consciously use social media by following accounts that make us feel good.

3. Surrounding Yourself Around LowVibrational People

Vine tomatoes rotting.

I’ve mentioned many times in different posts the importance of being around people who have a positive mindset and are motivational/inspiring .

Knowing how easily affected we are by our interaction solidifies that statement.

If you find yourself around someone who is always in a bad mood, always has something to complain about or is just not happy with life, it will greatly affects your own energy. 

More examples are, closed-minded people who are always talking badly about others, always yelling, always have drama in their life, always drinking or using drugs, etc.
Being around people like this is a huge red flag, warning you that you need to build an energetic boundary.

This might be especially difficult if it’s someone you live with.

If this is a person you care about deeply, you can attempt to introduce them to energy and discuss the importance of keeping high vibrations.

However, either way, chances are if you are around a person with a negative mindset, it is most likely greatly affecting your own energy.

4. Avoiding Self-Care

Stay at home mom stressfully working while kids run around in the background in need of self care

Are you someone who is constantly busy, always doing for others and neglecting caring for yourself?

Maybe you’re a single parent or a stay at home parent and your children leave you zapped at the end of the day.

Whatever your situation, if you are not consistent with a self-care practice you are most likely keeping your vibes low.

Self-care is a form of recharging that energy.

When we avoid recharging we risk a low vibration.

5. Using Negative Language 

Girl with curly hair and glasses yelling

Words are way more powerful than you know.

In a 2006 double-blind study involving Masaru Emoto, it was proven that positive intentions focused towards water had an affect on how the water froze.

This experiment has been performed by Masaru many times. Each time showing that the ice from the water that received positive intentions/messages looked more aesthetically pleasing and geometric.

While the ice that received negative messages/ intention, showed more chaotic and non-uniformed shapes, proving that there are obvious effects on the language/intention used.

Now, if words have such a huge impact on water and humans are made up of around 75% water, what does that say about how we are affected by the negative language we use on a day to day basis?

If you use negative self-talk, use curse words often, say that you hate things, react to things with words like “f#ck, sh!t” etc you are most likely affecting your vibration. 

And I know some of you might think this is “stupid” but maybe choose a different choice of words.

Or, better yet, ask yourself in what way you benefit from using those words to begin with.

If you’ve read this far, I’ll assume you are serious about getting them vibes right.

Personally, I am far from perfect. I have a terrible habit of letting out a “fffffff*ck!” when minor things go wrong.

I’ve gone back and forth with the bad habit of using curse words.

Currently I am working hard on watching the words I speak, but mostly because I have a very receptive toddler who repeats every word he hears.

While it might seemed like a lot, that was just 5 out of the many possible habits you could be doing that are interfering with your ability to raise your vibration.

Though they seem like minor everyday things, it really does make a difference to limit or rid them entirely.

With that being said, no one is perfect. And attaining a high vibration shouldn’t be a competition or seen as a position of status.

It should be seen as a reflection of your overall health.

However, if you are struggling with an illness, suffering with trauma or a huge setback in life, it is probably best you are a little more diligent with your exposure to low vibrational interactions so that you can easier raise your vibrations to a frequency that allows better circumstances for you. 

Now that you are aware of how these habits affect your ability to raise your vibration, here are a few quick things you can do to balance them out while you work on getting rid of or limiting the low vibrational habit for good.

Quick Ways To Raise Your Vibes

Tibetan singing bowls for sound healing

Use Crystals

Each crystal vibrates at its own frequency and has different properties. Here is a set I purchased that has a good range of crystals to use. They are made for chakra balancing which also aids in overall balance which helps raise your vibration. 


Meditating my favorite way to balance my energies. If life seems to be a little hectic, with lots of tension, busy schedules, and other signs of diminishing vibes, meditating for 30 minutes for a few days in a row will bring you right up.

Be In Nature /Grounding

The most underrated way to raise your vibration. Talking a walk in nature, or planting your bare feet onto the ground brings amazing energetic results.


If you’ve been eating a lot of low vibrational foods this is a good way to clear yourself physically as well. Toxins have their own energetic frequency so removing them is crucial.

Sound Healing/ Music Tuned To 432Hz

Sound is another form of vibration, different sounds producing different frequencies. A 2016 study found that patients who listened to music tuned to 432Hz before, during and after a root canal experienced less anxiety. 

Proving drastic soothing/healing effects which ultimately raise your vibration.

Singing bowls are also commonly used to raise vibrational frequencies. They are each tuned to different frequencies, assisting with different chakras/ areas in the body.

close up photo of person holding crystal stone
Photo by Deena on

Using any of these five ideas shortly after your low vibrational interaction can help balance your energies but it can be most effective if efforts to raise your vibration are done regularly. 

I hope this helped you put into perspective the many things that you are interacting with and how they can hurt or help your growth. 

You don’t have to completely cut out low vibrational interactions, though it would be best. You just want be more conscious of how they affect you and work towards balance. 

What low vibrational habits do you have? Do you ever notice how they make you feel? What things will/are you doing to raise your vibrations? 

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