Are They My Soulmate Or Twin-Flame? Does It Even Matter?

loving lesbian couple admiring each other

If you’ve come across the terms soulmate or twin-flame you might wonder if your current partner is “the one” or if you’ll ever meet your other half.

*Disclaimer – Twin flames are not to be used the reason you stay in an abusive or toxic relationship.

So whether you believe your partner is your soulmate or twin-flame, it is not a reason to excuse abusive behavior.

Relationships are the primary focus in life. So having a solid understanding of the different dynamics that can come to play can provide some much needed guidance and overall awareness.

In todays’s podcast episode I discuss two different relationship dynamics. Soulmates and Twin-flames. I explain how they are similar, how they differ and if it even matters whether or not you are with yours.

I also share a little on my own experience with these relationship dynamics, touch base on shadow work and how it can help with communication challenges in relationships.

Grab a snack, a drink and tune in with me for the next hour as we dive in on some of my theories, beliefs and experiences.

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